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Surprise surprise

Last week we found a fawn in the long grass on our meadows next to the River Severn, adding to the growing population of deer that are creeping further and further in our direction. Its still a lovely surprise to spot them in the mists on the river bank at first light.

However, it was all the more surprising to find the little chap (pictured above) early yesterday morning, especially since all our cows are heifers and we have no bulls on the farm, well not until now anyway. Was it an immaculate conception?

It turns out that one of our charolais crosses had had quite a busy night and calved a healthy, strong-looking calf who was well up on his feet with a full tummy by the time we found him..

He is a happy perky little chap who is gambolling alongside his mother and we are pleased to say mother and son are both doing well in the summer sun. We'll keep you updated on his progress.

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