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We're up, up and away

Updated: Jul 9, 2018

Its the Summer we've all been waiting for and The Lodge has been welcoming its first groups of visitors through the doors

Summer holiday cottages
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Hello and welcome to our Shraden blog, an idea to accompany the behind-the-scenes Instagram profile for The Lodge 'Viewfromthekitchenwindow' . We'll be posting views from around the farm, the cottage and general life happenings to give you some background to your holiday stay.

When its on your own doorstep its easy to forget how breathtaking the views are here, how quiet the peace and quiet actually is and these are priceless luxuries when you're looking for an escape from the noisy, technology centred, fast-paced life that many of us lead nowadays.

Renovating The Lodge cottage here at Shraden was initially a big step for us, but luckily one that has paid dividends now that booking has got underway and our first guests have been through the property.

We have just taken our first enquiry for Christmas and I can promise that we are still as excited as children at Christmas when we get an enquiry, let alone a booking, I'm wondering when this feeling might end, but enjoying it in the meantime! We really didn't know how this would all pan out. Would anyone come? Would they like the interiors and colour charts that we pored over late into the night? Would we get reviews that we could keep in the visitors book?

Our original idea for The Lodge was that it would be a romantic getaway, but the more time we spent in the space we realised that it had the capacity and unusual layout that made it capable of wearing 'a few caps'. The diversity of our first few guests has proved that this is correct. The Lodge is a quirky space, full of charm and while it easily accommodates 6 people to stay because of its interesting layout (you certainly wouldn't find a modern house built with this configuration) it also provides a cosy feel for a couple to stay.

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